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POC Practice


POC Practice is a weekly community yoga class for People of Color. POC Practice aims to create a body positive, welcoming environment for new yogis + seasoned practitioners alike. This hour long all-levels vinyasa yoga class preceded by an intention setting ceremony and backed by a dope playlist. Since 2015, POC Practice has been a place where yogis of color of all shades, shapes + sizes come to practice yoga in a welcoming community. This space is for yogis who identify as POC.

Heal + Feel


POC Heal + Feel events create spaces for People of Color to experience collective healing. From yoga and massage to poetry and drawing, this event series focuses on both mental and physical rejuvenation and overall wellbeing. Attendees leaving feeling revived, refreshed, and equipped with tools to continue making themselves a priority in their everyday lives. Non-POC allies are welcome in this space.

Hive Hustle


Hive Hustle merges self-reflection, popular culture, and productivity research into accessible life design resources for creatives of color and scrappy millennials. Hive Hustle content discusses topics like leaving your 9-5, divesting from uninspired definitions of success, and living a life aligned with your values. Through workshops, retreats + online resources, Hive Hustle has created community for people trying to create their own opportunities and reach toward their full potential.

Hive Soul Classes + Events

May 24          POC Practice @ Make Shift Boston

May 28          Pop Up + Movie @ Make Shift Boston

May 31          POC Practice @ Make Shift Boston

June 7          POC Practice @ Make Shift Boston

June 14          POC Practice @ Make Shift Boston

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Upcoming Class Schedule

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